Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

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General information

Instytut INTL is a dynamically developing consulting company which specializes in the improvement and optimization of logistics processes in enterprises. Knowledge and experience enables us to provide the best solutions. We are a partner ensuring stable and comprehensive cooperation.

Logistics consultancy

Instytut INTL helps companies take proper decisions concerning production, warehouse and distribution logistics. Our Clients gain proven solutions increasing the effectiveness of logistic operations. Our professionalism, competences and experience influences the optimization of processes in the supply chain.

Added value for the Client

We approach our Client in a modern way, using coaching, mentoring and consulting methods. We are like a COACH, MENTOR and a CONSULTANT. We combine these three functions in one to give the Client added value measured with reliability, timeliness and the success of the logistics project within the budget plan.

COACH – based on the wide experience, we are a coach showing the course of actions and giving the Client tips for the implementation of the adopted goals.

MENTOR – we are like a guide who shows the proper course of action. We use this method with reference to our Clients, to be more exact, to project teams consisting of people with high competencies and potential. Then, we do not “lead them by the hand” but we help to bring out and use the possessed knowledge, qualifications or competencies in an appropriate way.

KONSULTANT – Instytut INTL ensures expertise and solves logistic problems or helps in the development of a business as a whole. First, we examine and analyze problems, then we suggest the best solutions, after that we help to implement them in the company, and finally we measure their effectiveness.

Reliable and competent team of experts

Instytut INTL is a team of advisors, consultants, coaches and mentors, using in their work acquired experience, gained knowledge, and first of all practice enhanced with appropriate competencies and qualifications, as well as business ethics.

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