Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

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Rules of cooperation

The rules of cooperation with a broadly understood recipient, whether it is a Client, an employee, a supplier or a subcontractor, result from our strategy. In addition to it, the rules, such as, communication, trust and business ethics.

COMMUNICATION is a consolidating and a very important element in cooperation. We use it on each stage of the service performance to avoid misunderstandings, understatements and barriers between the parties.

We expect the same from the Client, as well as openness, objective and subjective approach to a given problem.

TRUST is another value we declare in business. Without it, there is no sense talking about success and effects of work.

BUSINESS ETHICS is in turn a base for the realization of goals and good relations. We expect that the spoken word is equal to written word.

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