Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

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The company strategy

In relations with the Client, Instytut INTL applies open and flexible policy of operations. It is defined in the company strategy. Professional approach to the Client, recognizing their needs and diagnosing their problems, and then offering the best solution is our style of working.

MISSION: We share our passion which is logistics

VISION: An ideal partner in modern logistics solutions

We operate on a large scale, which is signalized by the globe in the company logo. We do not limit ourselves to a given region or a place. We respond and react to the Client’s needs regardless of their area of activity.

We offer innovative and conceptual solutions - we regularly analyze and observe the market. We look for up-to-date technologies and solutions, and we offer them to our Clients. We think and work conceptually.

We meet deadlines – the Client’s spoken and written word is like the Bible to us. Our skill of very good planning, risk management which accompanies logistic planning, quick adaptation to changes occurring in the logistics industry enables to perform our services within the set time, maintaining their quality and reliability.

We are flexible in our relations with the Clients. We do not limit ourselves to the adopted solutions and fixed models of cooperation. We believe in the rule of cooperation and openness to the Client’s needs, which is the key to build good and permanent relations.

We speak the language of our Client. Knowing the specific character of work in the logistic industry, we perfectly understand its complexity, therefore, it is easier for us to identify with the Client’s situation. Thus, our work gives measurable benefits since the Client’s satisfaction is the most important to us.

We suggest specific solutions - we do not offer general knowledge. Our suggestions of solutions are developed on the basis of a detailed diagnosis of the state of input in every organization which begins the baseline report. We begin our work only after conducting the SWOT analysis. As external advisors we see and notice more, which enables us to present the best solutions for the company.

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