Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

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Designing solutions in the supply chain

Projektowanie rozwiązań w łancuchu dostawInstytut INTL develops economically optimal and functional solutions for a selected area of logistics in every company.

Owing to our service of designing modern logistics solutions, our Clients avoid the risk of taking wrong decisions, save time and money which they may fully allocate to its main operating activities.


The scope of the service:

The warehouse design is a comprehensive service including all the stages of opening a new warehouse facility:

  • analyzing the Client’s needs and indicating the best possible localization
  • designing and arranging the new warehouse in accordance with the specifications and the industry in which the Client operates
  • advising whether the warehouse facility will be rented or built by the Client from the from the ground up
  • determining the scope of the appropriate logistics infrastructure
  • help in the outsourcing of employees, equipment and the furnishing of the warehouse
  • ordering and systemizing all the logistics processes occurring inside the warehouse
  • developing appropriate safety procedures for the warehouse and the people staying in it
  • designating traffic routes both inside and outside the warehouse
  • the choice of the most optimum operating system and software
  • negotiations with the forklift truck suppliers, utility providers and security firms

The optimization of logistics processes is a service consisting in the improvement of logistic processes hitherto functioning in the warehouse, or their creation and implementation from the scratch, the improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of these processes with the simultaneous lowering of their costs and the optimization of the stock with the maximum use of the logistics resources being at the Client’s disposal. Thanks to an increase in the flexibility of the existing processes and the improvement of the pallet and material management, as well as improving internal communication between individual departments, our Clients maximize effectiveness with the simultaneous minimization of costs and risk.

The optimization of the distribution network is a service consisting in a deep analysis of the used means of transport and the possessed warehouses, and in consequence, the optimization of costs and the improvement of the quality of the distribution itself. The process of the optimization of the distribution network takes place through the mapping of recipients and the change in the new distribution network adopted to as possibly most effective use of the possessed fleet of the company’s own cars, as well as of the forwarding cars, and the vehicles being at the warehouse disposal. Through this type of operations, not only do the costs of the distribution fall, but first of all the safety and timeliness of the deliveries to the recipients grows considerably, due to which our Clients profit from the growth of competitiveness and first of all from the positive image as a reliable and dependable supplier.

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