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Lean management

lean managementLean management is an enterprise management method, used mainly in the restructuring process. Its aim is so-called "leaning" of the enterprise through the improvement of tasks concerning the company asset management, workforce management, as well as focusing on the formation of positive contacts with the environment. The assumption of lean management strives at achieving high productivity and quality of products with the maximum improvement of the company and all the processes of work.

According to this idea, restructuring are also changes in the employees’ and managers’ way of thinking. Team work, joint decision making, full involvement in work, and constant improving of qualifications is postulated. Information and direct access to it for all employees is the priority in zarządzaniu wyszczuplającym.

The Lean Management concept assumes

  1. Flexibility of the organizational structure.
  2. Constant improvement of the organization via numerous trainings of the staff and the employees.
  3. Isolating small organizational units, teams working on a given task.
  4. Division of responsibilities.

The areas of application the Lean Management concepts include:

  1. Production.
  2. Supplies and sales.
  3. Organization and managing.

Lean management focuses on the implementation of four interrelated goals, which are:

  1. Short production cycle, high integration of the production process.
  2. Timeliness of supplies, partner cooperation with suppliers.
  3. Minimal stock.
  4. Maximum use of production capacity.


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