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Logistics safety

Logistics SafetyThe issue of logistics safety is not only the question of safety in the chain of supply, safety in cargo transportation or safety management in a logistics company. Logistics safety is a very broad notion and means much more than it is commonly thought. Therefore, we have joined forces with Securitas - a leader in the industry, with many years’ experience in security on the domestic and the international market.


For many years Securitas has been actively and successfully creating safety policy on-site. Moreover, it has remarkable knowledge about the transport, shipping and logistics market.

All the solutions we offer are preceded by free audit diagnosing our Clients’ needs, and then individualized and tailored to fulfill all your requirements.

We provide security of facilities, goods and shipments, offering comprehensive services, such as:

  • Permanent physical security
  • Safety Manager software
  • Safety audit of facilities, warehouses
  • Implementation of TAPA FSR, ISO 9001, ISO 28000 standards
  • Vehicle route audit
  • Route monitoring
  • Installing electronic safety systems
  • Specialist trainings on logistics safety

Owing to modern approach of safety problems, Instytut INTL, together with Securitas, influences the improvement of safety and considerable reduction of our Clients’ activity costs, among others in the form of:

  • Minimization of losses in logistics warehouses and cross-docking
  • Optimization of security costs


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National Manager of Logistics Segment
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