Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

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Strategic consulting

Doradztwo Strategiczne

Through the service of strategic consulting, Instytut INTL helps companies to take key decisions, as well as in everyday operations and further improvement of logistic processes.

Our Clients obtain proven solutions increasing the effectiveness of operations related to production, warehouse and distribution logistics.


Having proper competences in all areas of logistics management, our company guarantees integrity and effectiveness of the offered solutions. The Institute INTL strategic consulting is a perfect solution for companies to which efficiently operating logistics counts.

The aim of the service:

  • Reliable and credible assessment of warehouse, production logistics and the logistics system of the company
  • Defining priorities in order to take proper and effective decisions
  • Improving operating activities and optimizing the use of warehouse and production equipment
  • Systematic approach of “tailored solutions”
  • Prompt and professional assessment of the company’s logistics or its chosen area

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