Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

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TransportThe transport process consists in delivering or receiving the load from/to the destination(s) indicated by the Client. The process consists of a number of stages, from planning of the possible route to the moment of issuing the invoice.

The organization of the logistics process and its efficient course are watched by the logistics specialists and inspectors. Every order has an individual character.


The aims of the process

  • Ensuring the continuity and flexibility in the transport of goods
  • Choosing the possibly most beneficial route and the means of transport for the Client
  • Lowering the costs of transport, also the cost falling on a unit of goods
  • Minimization of empty runs
  • Optimization of routes (reduction of delivery times)

Instytut INTL also deals with the arrangement of logistica services based on:

  • Sea transport:full container load (FCL) in import and export, less than container load (LCL), oversize cargo, charters
  • Air transport:arrangement and supervision of transportation in import and export (GCR, DGR, PER, VAL, L/C consignments), fiscal customs clearance, and full handling services
  • Road transport:: ”just in time” deliveries, full truckload services, less than container load in Europe, transportation services in Poland, oversize and hazardous cargo, “door-to-door” deliveries
  • Rail transport
  • Multimodal transport
  • Intermodal transport
  • Pipeline transport

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