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MagazynowanieWarehousing is a set of operations which together form the process of warehousing, isolated from other processes implemented by the enterprise. Warehousing are operations consisting in the temporary gathering and storing the stock. The operations include the operations of storing, maintaining, inspecting, as well as recording and releasing the stock.


Works related to warehousing include the operations of loading and unloading goods, handling the transport equipment inside the warehouse (e.g. of pallet trucks, forklift trucks, cranes), and manual carrying and lifting devices.

The goals of the storage process:

  1. Effective storing of goods - warehousing serves the storage of means used in individual processes.
  2. Detailed recording of goods in inventory on hand - thanks to individual tasks performed in the warehouse, the information both on the quality of the stored means and their quantity is obtained; individual goods are recorded.
  3. Early information on the shortages - the aim of warehousing is also to provide advance information on the finishing stock, thanks to which it is possible to prevent shortages.

The goals of improving the warehousing process:

  1. Storing goods - used for the enterprise production goals; thanks to the utilization of the factory warehouse, the access to individual products is facilitated, which increases the efficiency of the whole unit.
  2. Recording goods - thanks to the introduction of the central management and registration of the stored products, the efficiency of the whole unit will be much higher.
  3. Information about shortages - using the recording software, it will be also possible to manage shortages more efficiently, minimizing the downtime of the factory operations.

Within the framework of the warehousing service, we offer:

  1. The rental of warehouses in Poland, temporary storage, in the open air
  2. Storing goods in modern warehouse areas equipped with the system of high storage
  3. Specialist warehouse services, such as: preparing goods to the final shipment (packaging, repacking, labeling, foliation, creating promotional packages, product mixes)
  4. Operations according to the FIFO and FEFO rules

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