Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

Instytut Innowacji i Nowoczesnych Technologii w Logistyce

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Why us ?

Benefits from the cooperation with us:

  • Reliable information
  • Possibility to take an optimal decision saving the company’s time and money
  • Focusing on priority actions giving the best effects
  • Benchmarking
  • Minimizing the risk of taking a wrong decision
  • Avoiding the costs of a wrong decision
  • A detailed design enabling to implement specific changes in all necessary areas to achieve the optimum effect
  • The investment budget plan
  • A detailed design enabling to purchase or rent appropriate infrastructure
  • Preparing and commissioning the warehouse
  • Objective view at the enterprise needs
  • Safety of the process of change
  • Minimizing the risk of the collapse of the project or its delay
  • Minimizing the risk of exceeding the deadline and the budget
  • Preparing the organization for a change by conducting workshops and trainings for the employees
  • Optimization of the cost effectiveness of distribution
  • Securing the timeliness of supplies
  • Strategic security in logistics
  • Increase in the enterprise competitiveness
  • Getting rid of ineffectiveness of the currently functioning distribution network
  • Workshops develop employees’ competences.

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